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Standing on Shoulders


Standing On Shoulders, Hannah's first full length album, was recorded and released as part of her college thesis in December 2016. Hannah chose to study and record six songs that had inspired her growing up, and to write six more songs based on what she'd learned from them. Standing on Shoulders is the culmination of that work, featuring fresh takes on some amazing cover songs, and unique original music.


The Band: 
Rob Clearfield: Piano, Organ, Guitar
Patrick Mulcahy: Bass
Jon Deitemyer: Drums
Gary Rand: Acoustic Guitar
Dorian Gehring: Bass, Guitar

Recorded at Joyride Studio & Foxhall Studios.


The Many

The Many is an uncommon, intentionally diverse collective making music for people to sing together about peace and justice and a world where all belong. Along with performing with the band, Hannah also writes most of the music.




Music for Film & TV